GameClub Enters Phase II and Imports PC Games to Mobile –

fierce competition in mobile gaming industry, tech companies are striving to provide the best user experience for mobile games. One of them being GameClub, a company that provides users access to hundreds of games through a monthly subscription service of $4.99 a month (with a free trial included). The company has, however, released their Phase II, where they will be reaching out to more game developers and cross-platforming titles to mobile devices.

Starting today, the company has announced that it will be “working with game creators to bring hit titles from other platforms to mobile” – stated GameClub CEO Dan Sherman in a press release.” Developers now have an easy, risk-free way to put their creations at the fingertips of billions of mobile gamers without comprising gameplay with freemium in-app purchases or in-game ads.” Through this agreement, they have already added Tokyo 42, Ancestors Legacy, and Chood & Sosig: Walk the Plank. In simple terms, these PC games will now be ported for mobile platforms. Through this cross-platform, GameClub will also be responsible for porting these games into the mobile world.

Though the monthly subscription concept may seem similar compared to other services like Apple Arcade, GameClub is unique compared to other tech companies. GameClub focuses on producing agreements with Indie game developers to release content that never made it in the market. With older generation games returning for publication, GameClub will focus on showcasing Indie games in the original design with minor configurations for better retina display. Therefore, if you are interested in playing the original 64 bit era games or would like to play something different, GameClub may be the alternative service to Apple Arcade.

If interested in GameClub, download the app from the App Store or Google Play today. For future updates about games, visit the mxdwn Games website. What is your favorite game?

Credit: GameClub Enters Phase II and Imports PC Games to Mobile –